• Why Join the Chamber

  • Every community has one. It is the tie that binds the business community together. But why should you join the Vermilion Chamber of Commerce?

    The Real Reason to Join is the positive perceptions of consumers about membership. In a scientific survey of 2,000 U.S. adults, The Schapiro Group, an Atlanta-based strategic consulting firm, found positive perceptions of chamber members in a number of areas, including overall favorability, consumer awareness and reputation, and likelihood of future patronage.

  • Building Relationships
  • The study showed that when respondents were told that a particular business was a member of a chamber, they were 44 percent more likely to rate it favorably than study respondents who were not told of the chamber affiliation. Respondents were also 63 percent more likely to want to purchase goods or services from a small business that is a chamber member.

    Consumers believe that businesses that are involved in the community, care about their customers and that the company is reputable. When a consumer thinks more favorably of a company because the company is a member of its local Chamber of Commerce, it is because they infer that the company is trustworthy, connected to the community, listens to its customers is successful and is a leader in the business community.

    So to sum up the value of membership, Chamber membership provides members with an opportunity to have a positive impact on their business community and to be part of a worldwide business network. It gives consumers a positive perception of the business; it provides opportunities for networking and value added discounts.


    • Because the Chamber of Commerce unifies the public spirit of my community and directs it into useful and constructive channels.
    • Because I have an investment in the community that is enhanced by working with other businesses to benefit all.
    • Because my support yields many benefits in new industries, increased payrolls, better health and safety, beneficial legislation, and an improved community.
    • Because the Chamber of Commerce depends on personal service and financial support to carry out its broad program of work to protect and advance business.
    • Because through the Chamber of Commerce I can best fulfill my obligations to the community where I earn my living.
    • Because an active membership in my Chamber of Commerce carries with it a sense of accomplishment and inner satisfaction from the knowledge that I am doing my share of an important job.