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    Excellence in education at all levels is a cornerstone in the life of Vermilion Parish residents. The Vermilion Parish School System operates 20 facilities throughout the area, including 11 elementary schools, four middle schools and five high schools. Specialized education programs, Dual Enrollment classes, technical classes for national certifications and a wide range of co-curricular activities supplement a rigorous traditional curriculum.


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  • In order to deliver the highest quality instructional programs for our students, it is critical to have a curriculum that is rigorous, current, and fully aligned to high standards. Our teachers, administrators, and staff embrace these high standards and are committed to providing the best educational experiences to meet the needs of our changing society and workforce demands.

    Vermilion Parish continues to take great pride in the fact that students in our district perform very well on state testing and our graduation rate is one of the top in the state. We are excited about our district ranking in the latest school performance scores. For details about Vermilion Parish Schools performance, please view the presentation "We are...Vermilion."

    “While our focus is on providing the best instruction for our students and not on teaching to a test, we are always happy for good test results that reflect the hard work of our students, teachers, parents and staff,” according to Jerome Puyau, Superintendent of Vermilion Parish Schools. “That is why I am excited to announce that this year; our district is ranked as one of the top in the state.”

    Vermilion Parish Schools works with many partners in our community, which include civic organizations, churches, businesses, the Vermilion Chamber of Commerce, the Vermilion Public Library, LSU Extension Office, 4-H, Boys and Girl Club, American Heart Association, United Way, Activate for Kids and many more. We support and encourage the health, safety and well-being of our children.