• Membership Investment Structure

  • It’s all about choice...and improved membership benefits.

    In the past, businesses joined and paid membership dues based on the number of employees in their organizations. The Vermilion Chamber is changing the way our members invest. We have moved to a tiered dues system which provides benefits based on the investment level a member selects. The Chamber’s tiered system provides increased benefits with comparable dues – plus many new benefits, even at the entry level.


    You’re probably wondering why the Chamber would make such a change in the way we do business. Why would we adjust our price structure and change our revenue stream? The answer is simple: We believe that one size of membership does not necessarily fit everyone. Different businesses have different needs and expectations from Chamber membership. It guarantees equity and choice when choosing a membership package that is important to your business and is aligned with the Chamber’s mission of developing a robust economic base.

    We listened carefully to the benefit requests of our membership and benchmarked similar chamber benefit offerings. We found that most chambers valued different benefits for a variety of reasons. The “one size fits all” wasn’t working.


    • Members want to choose the benefits and services they need and clearly understand their options
    • Member needs evolve as they move through their business cycle and they want to renew their membership annually based on what their business needs are at that time 
    • Members want to get benefits without having to show up
    • Members want bottom-line benefits with a return on investment
    • Members want to know their contribution and business is appreciated at any level
    • Members want to show their support for the impact and role of the Vermilion Chamber and reflect that in their choice of tier


    The solution was to develop five levels of benefits that matched the membership dues investment.