• About Us



    Looking back in the archives of the Vermilion Parish Library, the Vermilion Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1920 for “the purpose of making our Parish a better place to live in, aiding the farmer to make the best of the agricultural advantages of our parish, promoting commercial, industrial and general activities and enterprises within our Parish.”

    The membership campaign was on. Members joined for “Progress, Prosperity, Happiness.” Membership dues in 1920 were $10 per Annum.

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  • Present Day

    Our mission hasn’t changed that much since 1920. The Chamber’s mission is to create a positive community and business environment.

    Today the Vermilion Chamber of Commerce works every day to make our community a place where businesses can grow and prosper where people want to raise their families and where tourists want to visit. We envision our citizens living in safe neighborhoods, working in rewarding careers at thriving businesses, while their children attend great schools and enjoy their leisure time in “the Most Cajun place on earth!”

    The Vermilion Chamber is committed to helping local companies grow their business by taking the lead in programs and efforts that help create a strong local economy and make our community a great place to do business. The Vermilion Chamber of Commerce continues to be an integral component of the community by offering a wide variety of programs and initiatives that positively impact the economic vitality and quality of life. Our investors capitalize on the contacts, resources and support provided by the Chamber.