• Let's Put Vermilion on the Map

  • Google Maps is the most popular map and navigation application in the world. But Google Maps is about more than searching for what’s nearby, checking business hours and getting from point A to point B (and avoiding traffic snarls in the process).

    Since introducing the service in 2005, Google has continued to invest in its Maps product, adding new features and working with various communities and clientele on innovative customizations through the integration of data beyond longitude and latitude. Among the most powerful and useful of these innovations is Google Street View Trusted.

  • Formerly branded as Google Business View, Google Street View Trusted converts professionally shot panoramic photographs into interactive, 360-degree “virtual tours” of your business interior. These views are fully integrated into Google Maps; users need only click a link to “See inside” on a location’s landing page to begin their tour.

    Google Street View is a natural fit for businesses in the hospitality, restaurant and health care/wellness industries. Ambiance and décor are essential elements of the customer experience for such businesses, and Google Street View offers owners the ability to show off unique features without requiring users to interrupt their browsing and research. But specialty retailers can also benefit from giving remote users a preview of what to expect should they choose to visit their establishment. Curiosities Antiques in Dallas’ “shabby chic” Lakewood neighborhood provides just a glimpse of its wild inventory — fossil specimens, vintage clothing, folk art, local memorabilia and much more — available from its 20-plus vendors. Closer to home, check out the Vermilion Parish Library.

    The Vermilion Chamber of Commerce is partnering with Google Street View & Business Photos America to offer this service at a discounted Chamber Price.

    Click here to take a look at our special Chamber pricing.

    Benefits of Participating in Google Business View:

    • One time investment, not a recurring subscription

    • Organically boosts SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Google Local Search ranking

    • First thing people see when they search for you online (Google Search, Maps & Google+)

    • 97% of people search online before they visit a business

    • 67% of people want to see a virtual tour before they decide to visit a business and want more businesses to have Google virtual tours

    • Increases web traffic on average by 30% or more

    • Makes your listing much more visually appealing and sets you apart from other businesses

    • On average people are over twice as likely to visit a new business that has a virtual tour (people under the age of 32 are almost three times as likely)

    • You own the rights to the Virtual Tour as well as the Point of Interest photos to use on your Facebook or website or for future marketing

    Not sure you understand what Street View is. No problem, I didn’t either. Here are three YouTube Videos that will explain.